About Me

Commercial Visual Artist specializing in creating still and dynamic video content for –

The Food & Beverage Industry
The Hospitality Industry
Artists & Musicians
Travel & Event Industry


Hi I’m Navin. I was born at some point and then grew up eventually at my parent’s insistence. I went to school and learned a lot of things. Then I got a corporate job in the finance world and life was … routine. I enjoyed a bit of success too.

I’ve always had a creative itch though. From singing in high school musicals and charcoal drawings to being a self-taught guitarist and photographer. Eventually photography dominated my spare time. I can make sense of chaos, through my lens. I can find beauty where there shouldn’t be, through my lens. I can create art and evoke emotions, through my lens. I am telling the story of the human experience through my lens.

I eventually realized photography was my calling when while on our honeymoon in Phuket, my wife turned to me while out with a tour group and said, “You’re spending way too much time with that camera. You’re holding everyone up!”

Passion is the feeling you have that you would probably do this for free and you can’t believe someone is paying you to do it.

Photography and Videography are now my passion, my profession and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane one day.

My other passions are travel, music and food. So naturally … the child in me decided to try and combine everything I love doing and make a career out of it. This is my endeavor.

Mission statement:

To create stunning, creative & impactful visual art. To develop a unique style that bring my experiences & sensibilities to my creations. And lastly, to have a ton of fun doing this.

And now, the obligatory Favorite Quote:
The camera is the least important element in photography.” -Julius Shulman

I’ve been told I’m very approachable and friendly (thanks Mom) so do please get in touch and ask me more about myself and my work.

Watch the showreel below to get an insight into my work:

Please feel free to call me about any ideas or requirements you may have.

Call me on +971-56-455-5053 or email navin@navinkhianey.com